Thank you for choosing Tattoology for your Tattoo. Below we’d like to share some recommendations for the after-care of your Tattoo:

Maintain your tattoo covered for the duration recommended by your Tattoo artist.

After removing the protection, wash the tattoo thoroughly with warm water and an anti-bacterial soap without alcohol, we recommended to use BALM’s Tattoo Gel that you can find at the shop.

While pressing the tattoo in circular motion, remove the plasma in order to prevent scabbing. Repeat this process four times per day over the first two day.

 After wash it,  apply a thin layer of BALM TATTOO AFTERCARE.

No Beach or pool activities for two weeks. Minimize physical exercise during this time.

The first week it is key not to expose the tattoo to sunlight. It is recommended to apply sunscreen after the first week.

The Tattoo should appear healed within two weeks.

We recommend to schedule a check-up with your artist two weeks after your tattoo session.