Tattoology brings you an elite tattoo parlor experience, coupling compelling, precise artists with a soothing, relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Tattoo with comfort

Our lounge is all about providing you with a customized tattoo experience. Clients are encouraged to work with our artists to create a custom design, but we also invite clients and the community to enjoy our services and venue for all of their perks, including:

Private sessions

Guest and celebrity artists

Website automation
and scheduling

After-care kits and education, follow-up sessions and free touch-ups within 30 days

Reward points system

Time-lapse videos of the
tattoo process

Retro gaming

TV with silent DJ functionality


Are you looking for a way to express yourself somewhat less permanently? Check out our retail shop at Tattoology and explore the mind-blowing designs by our artists on apparel and gear instead of on skin.

Art activations

We are an artists’ exhibition center, inside and out. Come check out art activations we put up each month.