New Tattoo Experience

The experience of getting a tattoo spans wider than sitting in a chair and walking out of a parlor with new art on your body. It involves layers of design thought, of meeting with artists to consult on the spirit and logistics of a design, of creating a relationship with your artist and everyone at the shop.


Many of us have memories of sitting on cold tiled floors with backs against walls waiting for our friends for hours while an artist diligently kept their head down on the emerging body art. While we love those memories of our youthful tattoo experiences, we wanted to create a home for clients, friends and an entire community to more fully enjoy the tattoo experience.

Our Tattoology Lounge has everything you need – laid back seating arrangements, art activations, a friendly environment with open communication between artists, clients, and friends. We serve fabulous hand-crafted cocktails, provide retro gaming and silent DJ entertainment. 

Come in to see what it’s all about!

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